Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving forward!

I got my schedule ready and it's looking pretty empty :(  That means I'm doing something wrong....

To get my calendar filled I'm working on 1 hour power hours to get booking on my calendar and going out to look for new leads.

First things first get organized......

  1. Get 10 goodie bags ready (Business card, sample & a piece of Candy)
  2. Go out to several stores looking for leads
  3. Go to hair salons to promote facial events (have a flyer ready as a sample)
  4. Have a sheet available with dates and times you can work!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

How do I begin!

It's been a long time since my last login. Obviously my consistency clock needs some fixing :(

Well I started May and June strong but somehow dwindled down mid June. I need to remember to double book and book more than one show per week. Its obvious that cancellations happen and I have to have a Plan B.

I also have to make sure I plan my week better. I seem to be in wasting time mode. My mind need to remember I'm running a business and its the same thing as if I worked in corporate America working 9-5. I need to set my hours for the week and stick to it.

I have let other things like dr. Appts, my son's football practice and taking people places be my focus.

I took off a full wk so that I can prepare for my guest during my bday week which was so much fun. I wish they could have stayed longer :'(

Well after they left I decided to create my vision board..... essential so that you can visualize and get yourself motivated to pursue your dreams. Second I printed out several weekly plan sheets so that on Sunday I can plan my week.

Next thing to do is practice on my consistency and go out to business for new leads.

This Friday I went to several places. I was able to strike a deal with a florist to but a fish bowl in her business (fish bowl is a bowl where people enter their business card or info for a prize). I also have to set up an appt at a beauty salon for a complimentary facial.

I'm praying this will help me generate leads. Well I will me off tomorrow (Sunday) and back to work Monday.  Sunday will be my day to write my plan for the week.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello There

Wow it has been over a month since I've written anything.  Since I only have a laptop it's harder for me to type on it.  I guess I'm just so use to the number key pad..... Whatever the case is I've been slackin' off as they say.

Well a lot has been going on..... I have been looking for ways to fight my fear of talking to strangers and getting phone numbers.  No much success....I guess coming from NY where we are know to be unfriendly falls a little true here.  Not that I am not friendly anyone who knows me knows I'm friendly, but bringing up a conversation just cause...well I'm not to good at that.

So I am trying to look for other avenues to get this goal going!!! I set a goal to do 30 facials in 30 days.... and tried it last month and wasn't too successful.  We are in the second week of this month and  I only have had 4 :/  and it wasn't facials it was feet LOL.  We have our new pedicure sets out for the three months and so I have been booking pedi-spa sessions.

Now that Summer is in full swing....well at least here in Florida....Jeezzzz it's already in the 90's  we have our at home feet pampering set!  The great thing is that it is only $24 US dollars.  On average a women will spend $20-$25 a week on pedicure's at their favorite nail salon.  Many are not realizing that if done weekly those $20-$25 turns into $1040/$1300 a year  o_O (shocking huh?).  If you could curb some of that expense would you?  How about a DIY pedicure at home?  Or maybe a girl's pedi night?  Wouldn't that be fun? A little music, some wine and the Mary Kay Pedicure set....make sure everyone brings their own nail clipper, nail file and their favorite polish or you can provide it for them (your choice). Oh and you might want to be easy on the wine until after the polish is done LOL you might have a nail/toe disaster LOL.

You can get some basin's at the $1.00 store and have a great girls night out!!!

Mary Kay Mint Blossom Pedicure set - Limited addition (has 10-15 uses before it runs out)

Well ladies that's just a little tidbit for your pocket.

Now back to accomplishing my goals.  I definitely need to find a way to get over my fear of approaching people......I mean seriously if I can jump over that hurdle then maybe I can get some more of these prizes...... (BTW this was one of my prizes for reaching a smaller goal)

I pray about it every night but seem to let the fear get the best of me....... HELP!!!! If anyone of you who read my blog has any suggestions just post them on here....I'd love your opinion.

Thanks and hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!  I promise to try and post a little more to keep you entertained with my craziness.

Hopefully he is listening....

We all have something to overcome; don't think that you're the only one. God will be you strength if you let Him. ~ Joyce Meyer~

Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's been a while

So it's been a while since I've been on here because my computer crashed. I have blogger on my cell but it's definitely not the same as a keyboard.
So what have I been up to lately? I've been looking for leads and booking events. Mother's day is around the corner and I've been going to business to introduce them the pampering sessions I offer for free.
Sessions include a facial cleansing, 10 minute mask satin hand and satin lip treatment.

I have a few appts but not what I was expecting so I'm glad I also have my event this Friday as well.

I will be selling things off the table for all those last minute shoppers.

I have a few days left so I will be going to businesses to show them my baskets as well.

I have attached a few gift basket ideas for you see as well. Gift baskets will start at $12 and up.

Happy Cinco De Mayo all and happy Saturday!

It's going to be a great day! Celebration of Cinco De Mayo and the Cotto vs. Mayweather fight. Woohoo sangria, margaritas, tacos churros and more.....

Have a great day all :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today I rec'd a call from my director from NY....the one that has been M.I.A for some time....well her and I were talking about my progress and what I'm doing to be consistent.

Note of consistency

  1.  Night before write the 6 things to do list (done on my datebook so I see it at all times)
  2. Those 6 times have to be business related to generate money (Booking calls, appointments, etc)
  3. Hold yourself accountable the day of the list
  4. Check them off as they are being done
This has helped me to be consistent and know in advance what things need to be done in writing!  I am also preparing myself not to fail.  When you are unclear of what you need to do you find yourself wasting away your day. 

We also spoke about things like leads and referrals

Note for leads

  1. Go to local business and ask if you can put a facial boxes in their business.  Of course once we get the referrals and call we would advertise the business in which the boxes were held.  It's a win for the local business (free advertising) the customer (complimentary facial/glamour) and you (get leads and hopefully business)
  2. Call up previous customers and tell them about your promotion for qualified referrals.
  3. Go out to the playgrounds, schools and other locations where stay at home moms are (These women love to be pampered especially after being all day with their children)
  4. Contact friends or acquintances on your social media to offer your business
We also spoke about referrals from parties.  I was having a hard time with some referrals a friend gave me so I asked what was the best way to handle that and she told me if they do not answer or return your call after several attempts (3 max) then they are not interested.  Keep moving forward.

She also suggested I write up a business plan of what I want to do with my business and where I want to go with it.

Right now my goal is to reach my Red Jacket level by June 15..... I have approximately 6 weeks to do this.  Tomorrow is my day to figure out when and how I will achieve that goal :)

Well guys that's my post for the day....hope this helps you in your business or just your daily life.  Making note of things is very important so that you don't lose what you are focused on doing. Be what it may be personal or business wise.

Good luck......

If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right.
Mary Kay Ash

Friday, April 20, 2012

Working to get leads

Okay so one part of succeeding in this business is to get leads for facials/glamour.
Well at each party I play the " Beauty of friendship"
This is one way to get referrals/leads. Well at my last party I was able to get 10 referrals. I called them each and was unable to book a party. Now what's wrong with this picture?!?!
Either I need to change my spiel or them ppl don't understand the meaning of free LOL.
Ok I'll just say a little bit of both. One thing about making those calls I like least is when someone keeps you on the phone and doesn't say anything about you're offer and just simply hangs up. Really I would prefer you tell me no I'm not interested then just let me talk then say you don't know the person who referred you or call me back and act like a fool.
Anyway other ways to get leads is by going to the mall and asking people to participate in a company survey.Some people are nice and help and some well I'll just plead the 5th on that.
Just remember folks next time someone offers you to participate in a survey and you want to decline do so nicely :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Working in numbers

Hope you all had a great weekend. I was pretty busy last week. Working towards my goal to have 30 facials in 30 days.
I had two cancellations and 1 party confirmed last week. So my main focus was to be ready for that class and be prepared. Well I had 4 faces to pamper and 2 of the 4 we spanish speaking only. So I had to take out my spanish 101 card lol

Granted I am of Spanish decent and I do speak spanish but my first language is English. With that being said I had to give them some Info on the products in spanish.  I let them know that my spanish wasn't 100% but with their help it will be fun!

Gracias a Dios todo salio bien! All that parpados, microexfoliacion, ojera and stuff were a tongue twister for sure but I loved every minute of it. That helps me practice my spanish :)

Ok back to the numbers game. When you work in numbers it's easier to see what your goals are and where you want to be.

If I have 10 show x 3ppl per show =30 faces
Let's say out of the 30 ppl 20 purchase $100 each
20x$100 ea person=2000 sales<br>
2000&#247;2 = 1000 profit &amp;1000 to reinvest in your inventory*

*replace the products you sold
So that my friends is an example of working in numbers. Not bad if you asked me lol

Well my friends that was a little glimpse of my week. I promise to keep my blog updated a little more.

On to the 6 most important things to do tomorrow and create my weekly plan sheet.

Have a great day.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


A reflection of being thankful and grateful on this Easter Sunday.  I took the day off from my MK power hour Sunday to spend time with family and friends.

It's was beautiful sunny day and there is nothing better than playing wiffle ball with the family. It was a fun game. We had a tumbler, a cheater and a few people who tried hard to hit the ball but it didn't happen LOL. It's those little moments we tend to treasure most.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday. God is good even through the storm.

Tomorrow is a day of preparation and of working on appointments.

I want to leave you with this :

Life is short, leave behind the negative people and all the negative thoughts. Take time for your family because a job can always replace you but your family cannot. LIVE LOVE LAUGH

God first, family second and career last. ~Mary Kay Ash~

Friday, April 6, 2012

Through the storm

Its been an amazing week. I was able to book a vendor event for an elementary school fair. Yesterday I had a power hour and was able to book 3 facial classes. I had several no's but kept calling.
In the back of my head I would keep hearing my director say "if you get a no keep going eventually you will get a yes" she is so right. The first 4 calls said no, got 1 yes then 2 calls didn't even answer and then 2 more yes!
Today I was able to have a friend spread the word about our new catalog. I gave her an offer she couldn't refuse! :)
As my abundance is pouring in the enemy strikes again. My daughter's car that I have been using is over heating and I had to park it. Now I am waiting for my couson to come pick me up :/
So as I'm sitting down with my son at Panera waiting for my ride I'm thinking it's time to earn the free use of the MK car like ASAP!
I might embarrass my son but I'm getting ready to ask a few ladies here to book a complementary facial. Too bad I don't have my products with me now or I'd be the Panera facial queen lol.
Well hope you all have a good friday
And Happy Easter :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Locked out!!!

GEEEEZZZZ.....I've been trying to get into my blog for over a week and was unable to on my PC.  Finally I'm in!!!... Have so much to catch up on!!!

Okay so last time I was on here I was getting ready for Career Conference. Before the conference I was able to confirm a fundraiser for a local HS football team.  This will not only help me get leads it will also help the HS football team with their goal to raise funds for an away uniform.

Then came the big weekend of Career Conference....wow was that an eye opener or what!  There was so much to learn in those 24 hrs that it gave me the motivation to work hard to reach my goals.

I came home and started focusing on getting my visionary board, goals and booking on my calendar.
That week I was out in the malls getting leads....(talk about motivation)

Here are a few notes/quotes from the 24 pages:

Do not limit yourself to the opportunities you have in life.

Are you willing to be inconvenienced in your career? (meaning getting out of your comfort zone)

Get the clutter out of your head and out of you life!

Make a drop dead goal and have a crystal clear vision of what you going to do.

Don't let people's rescheduling change your mind. (This really hit me because the week before conference 3 of my shows cancelled)  Remember that life happens and it has nothing to do with you.

Your attitude is so important, so be real and be who you are..... remember to smile and get excited!

Bring out a weekly plan sheet and every Sunday plan your week. (Business, family and personal)
When you fill your plan sheet you can see what your plans are. 

You are in control of your own feelings so you can change that sad mood to a good mood.


One thing I love about MK is their dedication to foundations (Research for breast cancer, end domestic violence and helping the shelters.

We are now raising funds for "Team up for Women" Challenge. Text "teamup7645rt" (all together) to 80888 ** Note there will be a $5.00 charge to your cell phone bill. (Thank you in advance if you decide to )

One last thing.... remember to always pray and thank the man up above for all your blessings. Today was another amazing day.  I was able to help another school with their band class fundraiser.  What a blessing! God is good all the time....just remember to thank him.

Have a great evening!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The enemy continues to strike

So if you ever notice when you are climbing up the ladder of sucess the enemy will strike.  In other words those obstacles you go through are him trying to keep you from succeeding. 

So as I'm trying to progress and build my clientele something else happens.... Transportation!!!  I live in the State of Florida and with that being said.... a car is a must.  Well my transmission blew in my car and it's going to take $2500 to fix.  Without my car I cannot make money, moolah, cash, cha ching.....absolutely nada.

Well since I have a second car I decided to see which will be cheaper to fix, my car or my daughters.  It turns out my daughter's car was cheap.... not what I planned but definitely under $1000.  So her car will be my new car until I can sell sell sell and save save save....LOL

I will be going out to get some leads, meet a client to deliver her products and do some grocery shopping.

I need to get my schedule done tonight for work Monday thru Thurs.  Friday and Saturday is our Career Conference and I'm so excited!  Can't wait for that training :)

Well hope you all have a great week!  See you at the next post

Monday, March 12, 2012

Looking beyond the hurdle...

Well if you haven't notice there are a few hurdles before you start to get into a routine that is satisfactory to your liking!

Well I did complete my Goodie bags and had them ready to go.  I went out on Friday to the mall and stopped a few people to ask if they would help me out by participating in a Mary Kay survey.  Only two would be willing to help and gave me their numbers. 

Single Goodie bag (sample bag)

The Mary Kay bag with 12 Goodie Bags to give away
 I gave them a quick call but have not received a response back from them. :(  So the question is how do I get over the negative parts of this business..... Well I think the answer is keep it moving.  There will always be ups and downs to your business just like any other business (walmart, target, publix supermarket, JCP etc)  Not everyone goes to one business to purchase everything. 

So as I said before I will continue to move forward and know that it is nothing person :o)

As I move forward, I'm happy to say that I achieved one goal this month and that was to either be a Star Consultant or a Senior Consultant.

I achieved my new title as Senior Consultant and I'm very excited.  Now it's on to booking more shows and holding them.

I will be giving incentives for those who book and hold a their show as planned!  So off to run errands I go with my Goodie bags in hand!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not an easy task.....

Tuesday was a little hectic for me.... Due to the fact that I slacked off on my business January and February it has caused me to have to look for steady work.  Well Monday and Tuesday I had an interview and had to push some of my MK stuff to the side for it.

Monday I didn't prepare much but I did study my spiel.  Now I have to make up time for those days.  Yesterday as I stopped to get a slice of pizza I took advantage that I was the only customer there and asked the cashier if she's help me out with my training.  I actually said a little more than that LOL but you get the point.

She said yes and I told her I would give her a call today (Wed) to schedule an appointment. (since she would be at the pizza shop until close 10pm)

Today will be my make-up day and I will be off to find out how much it will cost to by ink for my printer.  It will probably save me some time and gas (which is out of control, I'm about to ride a bike with a basket in front LOL)

Today is also my unit meeting so I will have to prepare for that as well.

Prepare my goodie bags so that I can go out for leads.
Print my discount cards to add to goodie bags
Study my spiel so that I don't get confused when saying it (LOL) (Mon & Tues)
Make a few booking calls to add to my calendar.
Find a center where I can do volunteer work for the International Women's Day.
(which by the way is begins March 8th and runs through April 8th) Checked a few places but haven't rec'd any calls back
I'm currently looking for some small goodie bags that will look better than ziplock bags...to me it seems a little tacky LOL

Out to the $1.00 I go LOL

Well people I hope you have a great day.  Off I go to get my business things done.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Working on a schedule....

Well Sunday was my day off but still found time to help volunteer for my son's football team.  They are required to do volunteer time and in return the company will donate 15k towards their football team equipment etc.

So I took some time to help him get his hours in at the Renaissence Festival.  Love watching the people get dressed and all.

Well since today is Monday it's time to get on the ball and build a schedule for the week.

Today's agenda is -

 Prepare my goodie bags so that I can go out and about on Tuesday.
Print my discount cards to add to goodie bags
Study my spiel so that I don't get confused when saying it (LOL)
Make a few booking calls to add to my calendar.
Find a center where I can do volunteer work for the International Women's Day.
(which by the way is begins March 8th and runs through April 8th)

Then out to do a few other personal things.  So for now Monday's schedule is set, now to write on paper the rest of the week :)

Have a great day!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is M.I.A. addicting?!?!?!!

It sort of looks like I've been addicted to M.I.A. (Missing In Action).  I've been gone for a while.  Trying to keep focused on making Mary Kay work in my favor.  So here are the details......

At the end of February I was able to have a show and through that show I was able to get 3 bookings.  I have followed up with them and we will be having the shows in April.  March seem to be a very busy month for Weddings, spring break etc....

I also called on to another friend of mine and she will be hosting a show this month (March) as well. Things are starting to look up.  I'm getting more motivated to work again LOL. 

It's funny how things are in Corporate America..... you are like a robotic worker bee who just works and do what you are told. It's very mechanical but when you start to work your own business it takes time to get into a rhythmical system. It is doable and this is what I am starting to learn.  I may not be working in Corporate America but I am working for myself and although I love the flexibility I still have to remember to work it.

So after I take my son to school in the am I keep myself up and start my day working on MK.

With that being said we are now in a new month and we are 3days in..... I have 3 classes and 2 Mary Kay events....

One that I love going to...which is our Stars and Cars event.  This quarter they are giving away $500 Cash to all hostess... isn't that great!  I have attended 2 Stars and Cars event and have not been up on the stage :'( 
Why you might be asking.....because I didn't work my business that's why!  So this time I'm working to at least get to Star Consultant or Senior Consultant....

Star Consultant - Consultant who sells $1800 in wholesale items.
Senior Consultant - 1 to 2 consultants on your team :)

Then we have Career Conference in Orlando.....this event will be my first and to be honest I'm super excited.  It seems like so much fun and I can't wait to see the vision and see outside the box :)

Maybe I should do a vision board so that I can view what I want....or at least write it down.

It's funny how the enemy will do anything and everything to stop you from succeeding in life.  I was slipping into his grasp but woke up and I'm working on keeping it that way.....

I will continue to work my business and I will continue this journey to succeed.

I leave you with this.... "Making your dreams come true takes more than just dreaming.  It takes action and determination to make those dreams come true!" 

By this time next year I want to be with my director's outfit with these beautiful Directors :)

Katy Perry - Part of Me - Love this song!  The enemy might take the materialistic things and break them into pieces but he will never take my soul!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


And M.I.A. doesn't stand for Miami International Airport in this title.  It stands for Missing In Action....that's exactly how I have been.  I was in the gloom for a little while.  Not feeling up to doing anything, booking, calling, speaking or even attempting to do anything with my business.

Just to give you a little jist of things I was laid off from my full time job 2 months ago and so I thought to myself well this will give me time to run my business.  Well after realizing that the steady income was not coming in I started to get a little worried, then went from worried to scared.  Then from scared to anxious to then depression.  While going through those little stages I kept getting deeper and deeper into a depression and not doing anything to run my business.  I didn't attend any MK unit meetings or even go out unless I really had to.  I would stick to just playing games on FB not to think about the outside world.

So After a long talk with God yesterday I am feeling much better today.  With that being said I know everything comes in baby steps and Rome wasn't built in a day.

So to start the day off I am going to get myself ready to go for a power walk.  Then I will be writing down what my goals will be from today thru Sunday for MK.  Once I have those done then it will be time to put them into action.

Baby step goals
  1. I will make at least one facial appointment today
  2. I will write my 6 important things to do for tomorrow (for my business)
  3. I will attend my Unit meeting today even if I don't want to
  4. I will file my order forms in their respective place
  5. I will place and collect money for last weeks orders
These are my goals for today. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skipping out!

As the title in this post says..... "Skipping out" that is exactly what I have been doing?  I was suppose to post everyday of my process but have seemed to skip out on doing so.....

This makes me realize that I really need to work harder on my consistency.  Consistency is the key to all.

So I will need to make sure that I go to FedEx tomorrow and print my activity worksheet so that I can jot down my "Six things to do for MK" and my other schedules that I have planned for my day to day.

Since I haven't been consistent I will give you an update on Day 12 thru Day 14.

Day 12 - I prepared myself for my open house - Labelled the catalogs, updated my inventory and prepared little pastry puffs for the next day.

Day 13 - Open House - Everyone came over and we had a great time.  We had a make up party and glammed up a few of the girls who were willing.  I was able to show all the ladies the new line of lip glosses, lip liners and eye liners.  It was great to see the transformation....not that they didn't look pretty before but with the make up they looked like super-models....  everyone was glammed and ready for a night out on the town.

Day 14 - Stars and Cars conference.... This was a an 8 hr event which was just fab!  4 hrs of recognition and 4 hrs of training.... I tell you there is no feeling like getting recognition for doing what you love to do.
We had such a great training with Executive National Sales Director, National Sales Director and various other Sales Directors.... It's great to hear their accomplishments and their "Why" on how they started Mary Kay.

Well here is a picture of me with the National Sales Director Cathy Littlejohn and Executive National Sales Director Sheryl Warfield.  They are awesome humble ladies.

Sheryl Warfield
Executive NSD

Cathy Littlejohn

Pictures are a little blurry but was excited to just be able to meet and talk with them :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 11 Getting over the emotional wheel

When I first started this business in April 2011 I found myself having trouble juggling my full-time job, my family life and my MK business.  All though I worked my business on the weekends it seemed a little off.  I kept telling myself if I could only have more time to work my MK business or if only I could do this full time.....etc etc....

Well December 1 2011 I was given the opportunity to do so.  I was laid off from my full time job and figured this is great!  I started to organize business events and purchased products to accommodate those events.  As the time went on in Dec. I found that as the holidays were fast approaching business was dwindling down and started to wonder will this continue this way.  Then thought well it's the holidays and things get crazy.

Well as things progressed I didn't follow up with certain people, businesses or customers.  So now I'm back to square one!  I need customers, I for some reason am not being consistent with running my business.

I start to question why is it that I am not taking this business seriously!  Is it because I do not see the income coming in?  Is it because I'm feeling depressed that I do not have a steady income?  Is it because I see the bills coming in and start to wonder how am I going to pay that?

I think it's a combination of it all..... I'm running on this emotional wheel and not sure how to get off. I have to realize that if I do not run my business I cannot generate income!  I think I'm so mentally trained to go to work for someone else that working for myself doesn't seem logical.  We are so trained to work for others that when we start to work for ourselves we don't see it as a real thing....or as a reality that can come true if you work at it.

Well God seems to work in mysterious ways.... I received a call from a long time friend who gave me some advice and helped me to keep the momentum going.  She has been a business owner for nearly 20 years and have had her highs and lows when it comes to income and the business.

She also recommended a book that will help stimulate my mind and get off this emotional wheel that I'm on.

Book she recommened: Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.

So I will be going off to the library tomorrow so that I can borrow the book and take notes of things that will help give me the motivation I need to proceed and continue my journey to succeed.

Life is a challenge and it's up to us to continue pushing on or to sit and let life pass us by.... you chose!

Adios mi gente....Que Dios no de la fuerza para seguir adelante

Day 10 -preparation

On Friday I will have a MK open house to start generating sales from different customers.  I think it is time I expand in customers..... It's been hard to get references so I have gone around to different people and hope to have at least 8 - 10 ppl for this open house.

Preparation- Since I am having the event at my place I will need to also be a hostess.  With that being said I have prepared something simple.  Cafe con Leche :)  I've purchased different flavored coffee and will have a few little snacks like cookies, guayaba (Guava) and Queso (cheese) puffs, strawberry and cheese puffs.  I will also have 3 flavored teas for those who are no-coffee drinkers (Green Tea, Apple Cider and Passion tea)

Now that my menu is set I now have to get my products organized for Friday.  Instead of having a cleansing facial party, we will only be testing the new make up line.  If there are guest who would like cleansing facials I will set up a party with them.

So MK preparation is needed:

1) Order forms and catalogs
2) Camera for before and after
3) Profile cards for the new customers
4) facial clothes and Make up remover
5) The new product line
5) samples for clients to use
7) Mirrors

I think we are set....

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 9 -Connections

Today was a day of connections..... I was able to connect with a friend who was needed a replacement of her Oil Free Make up remover :)

I was also able to connect with a neighbor/Friend who I have known since I moved to this state and make a connection with her.  She loves MK products so I dropped off a catalog and advised her of my open house next week.

Okay so today was a better day for connections :) 

Note to self - not every day is going to be a good day but you need to keep pushing on....

Como dice me abuelita - Pa'lante como un elefante :) y con Dios adelante :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 7 and 8 - Violin playing

After making a few more phone calls I got.... no response or all NO's.

I started to feel frustrated :(  the voices in my head were starting to sound like the Violin playing.....

Or maybe like the characters on Charlie Brown.... mawww mawww mawww mawww mawww....

I was playing the pitty party......I can see the angel and the devil fighting each other out in my head.

Thank goodness the Angel won!  I got over the frustration, aggrevation, pitty party and all that non-sense.

Not to say it might not happen again.... We sometimes get into those funky moods where everything and anything will bother us or easily get us down.

It's as they call it the "Emotional Wheel" you need to know when to spin it around so that you get off the negative side.

So with that being said.....I'm preparing myself to go out and about for some new leads.

God is my strength and I know with him all things are possible.  I thank him every morning for all that I have!!!!

Adios....hasta manana :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 6 - Fear of REJECTION!?!?!

Yesterday (Monday) was my day to make customer service/booking calls.  Well since I re-started my business in November it wasn't easy for me to call people from July on customer service.  (That was inconsistent of me I know) 

So as I stated I have to re-start all over again.....Well I was able to get a few leads from my events in December.  I separated the information cards and placed them in two piles....Day and Evening.

I started my phone calls.

First person..... no longer working at that establishment :(
Second person ..... "I'm really not interested I was just looking for one thing but thanks"........beeeeeeeeeppppp  The lady truly hung up on me...didn't even give me the opportunity to say "okay thank you have a great day".

Third Person...... " Hi sorry I can't hear you...Hello, Hello, Hello...."  I felt like I was in a Verizon commercial LOL  Then we were able to speak and she says "I'm at work please call me in the evening since I do not have good phone reception at work"

At this point I'm trying to stay positive and think okay...nothing personal right?!?!?!

I make two more calls and no answer.... I start to feel a little down and totally give up :(

I only had one more day call and the rest were evening calls.  I started to get the feeling of rejection.... then I think to myself.... Elba do not take it personal.....it's nothing against you just bad timing.

But my own talking did not help....I gave up the calls for the day & evening.....now onto figuring out how am I going to get new customers.  I was told at my meetings to talk to everyone and anyone who will listen....

I'm just having a real issue with that lately.... Now you might be thinking "maybe she's not a people person"....that is definitely not the case.  I believe I just need to overcome my fear of rejection.  Face my fears and be confident when talking to people about MK.

I'm going to work in full circle and REJECT that fear and conquer it so that I can keep going..... to the pursuit of leadership..... my 2012 long term goal is to be a Director of Mary Kay....

While I'm writing goals....let me make note of the other ones too....so I can see it.

Short term goal - Star Consultant with $1800 in sales by 1 Qtr ( Feb 15th) and at least 1 consultant n my team

Medium term goal - Team Leader.... 5 to 7 consultants on my team June 2012

Long term goal - DIQ = Director in Qualification by December  2012

Goals set now time to put them into action.....

First things first....eliminate "fear of rejections"

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 5 - Sticking to it

Happy Monday.....

So as part of "Holding myself accountable" I worked yesterday for about 3 hrs on my business.

Purchased a shelf on Saturday so that I can organize my products, which will also allow me to update my inventory faster.  Previously I had my inventory in boxes which made it difficult to manage.

I removed all my holiday gift baskets and placed all the products remaining on the shelves.  The baskets were neatly unwrapped and put in boxes for 2012 holiday events.

Here is a preview of my shelf

I still have a few other things I need to add like my file folder with order forms and things from facial classes.  Also to help me with my customer service calls.

I have to print out some activity sheets and purchase I binder so I have it in one place.

Well off to work I go....

Have to get some bookings :)

Have a great day/evening (I guess it depends on when you are reading this right )

PS. This weekend was leadership Conference in Atlanta and I didn't get to go :'(  Why you may be asking because I wasn't focused and didn't grow my business. This year we had 5 National Sales Directors all Latinas....Isn't that amazing!    It is said that 20% of Mary Kay Sales Force is now occupied by Latin Women.... Isn't that great :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 4 - Consistency

Obviously I'm working behind schedule :(  have not posted since the 5th

Here was my "6 things to do" list for Thursday 1/5

1) Deliver products to a customer (new) Completed
2) Review my December orders (new)  Completed
3) Make customer service calls (1/4 to do item) 1/2 hr only  :(
4)Update inventory (1/4 to do item) Completed
5) Booking calls (1/4 to do item) not done
6) Schedule "Open house event" and send out invites (1/4 to do item) Completed

Okay so I completed 5 of the 6 task....not to bad. 

I have also created a schedule of work hours that I need to keep in order for me to be consistent.....

Sunday - Booking/Customer service calls and prepare bag for facial appointments (4 hrs)
Monday - Booking, Customer service calls and Inventory updates as necessary (3 to 4 hrs)
Tuesday - Facial Classes either in the day/evening or both (4 hrs)
Wednesday - Organize paperwork, reconcile and place orders (3 hrs)
Thursday - Opportunity appointments (to grow my business) (3 hrs)
Friday and Saturday - Family Time

Now you must be asking what if someone wants to host a party on the weekend?  Then I will rearrange my schedule during the week to fit one or two Saturday classes. I can also which out Sunday and complete those task for Monday and make it a 7 to 8 hr day.

I now have to print out this schedule so that I can have it readily available to see....keep me from being distracted with other things.  I have to be consistent in order for this business to work :)

Well I'll post again tomorrow Sunday 1/8......8 days into the year already...geez how time flies by.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 3 - Holding myself accountable

Okay so before the new year started I said I would be posted everyday starting 1/2.  Well I lied :(

Yesterday I was so tired from running around getting my guest their last minute souviners and taking them to the airport that I barely did anything that has to do with MK.  Not good. 

I wrote my list of things to do and all I got accomplished was

1)Enter client info into my database
2) Make one delivery

the other 4 things were never completed.  This will set me back for todays things to do.

So with that being said I will have to re-arrange my "6 things to do list"

So my to do list is as follows:

1) Deliver products to a customer (new)
2) Review my December orders (new)
3) Make customer service calls (1/4 to do item)
4)Update inventory (1/4 to do item)
5) Booking calls (1/4 to do item)
6) Schedule "Open house event" and send out invites (1/4 to do item)

Hopefully I can still to the plan...... Oh I really need to get a new Organizer for my events....

Well off I go... have a good day

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monday and Tuesday updates....Day 1 and Day 2

Wow 2012...let's see how long it will take me before I stop writing 2011 on my order forms LOL

Okay so here is a quick update of things I've done to consistantly run my business.

Monday - Organized all my paperwork, reviewed all orders from 30 days for customer service calls.
about 2 hrs. ( Still have guest over so I couldn't completely transform my guest room back to my MK office)

Tuesday - Gathered my weekend orders and arranged delivery for tomorrow Wednesday.
Put labels on my 40 catalogs for shows. (Tomorrow my guest will be leaving :( so I will be able to make Customer Service calls)

Sent out emails to call my customers regarding a MK giveaway for a 32 inch TV on 1/21/2012.

So excited.... I will then follow up with a phone calls Wednesday and Thursday  to schedule appointments:)

So there is my quick update..... I will give you another one tomorrow.  Have a good night/day I guess it depends on when you are reading this. :)