Monday, March 12, 2012

Looking beyond the hurdle...

Well if you haven't notice there are a few hurdles before you start to get into a routine that is satisfactory to your liking!

Well I did complete my Goodie bags and had them ready to go.  I went out on Friday to the mall and stopped a few people to ask if they would help me out by participating in a Mary Kay survey.  Only two would be willing to help and gave me their numbers. 

Single Goodie bag (sample bag)

The Mary Kay bag with 12 Goodie Bags to give away
 I gave them a quick call but have not received a response back from them. :(  So the question is how do I get over the negative parts of this business..... Well I think the answer is keep it moving.  There will always be ups and downs to your business just like any other business (walmart, target, publix supermarket, JCP etc)  Not everyone goes to one business to purchase everything. 

So as I said before I will continue to move forward and know that it is nothing person :o)

As I move forward, I'm happy to say that I achieved one goal this month and that was to either be a Star Consultant or a Senior Consultant.

I achieved my new title as Senior Consultant and I'm very excited.  Now it's on to booking more shows and holding them.

I will be giving incentives for those who book and hold a their show as planned!  So off to run errands I go with my Goodie bags in hand!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!

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