Friday, December 2, 2011

So much to do in so little time

Okay so I received my shipment last night and I still have not had time to review my inventory and get those gift sets ready :(

I need to start making a "TO DO" list and make sure that I get things done within the time frame I'm looking for.

As a new consultant I need to remember to give myself set hours so that I'm not cutting into family time and other personal stuff....definitely do not want to burn myself out.  So with that being said...I will start by getting a organizer over the weekend.

Part of my things to do today was to go check out my event site for Monday's event. I have to tell you I was in awww of how beautiful the scenery was...I just wanted to sit on the ledge of the driveway and just soak in the cool breeze, the palm trees and the wavy water......It sort of made me feel like I was on vacation :)

My cell phone camera sucks big time....but here is a visual of it....just think of it much brighter with the sun shining strong....

a nice warm breeze and a feeling of was beautiful.  I swear if I would have know about that place a few years back I would have purchased a Condo there instead of the house I have now....
Well for now I can dream right..... maybe I need to put that on my list of Goals.... it doesn't hurt right :)

Well off to cook I go....then to get that inventory on the books and ready for Monday.


  1. I love it Elbs... especially all the support from your family and friends. Good luck to your new business and all of your new aquaintences... keep blogging so I can keep up with the updates

  2. Thanks Tina I appreciate it :) I'll be following you as well. Love your blog :)

    I'm trying to keep tabs so I can be consistent and look at how to improve :)