Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 7 and 8 - Violin playing

After making a few more phone calls I got.... no response or all NO's.

I started to feel frustrated :(  the voices in my head were starting to sound like the Violin playing.....

Or maybe like the characters on Charlie Brown.... mawww mawww mawww mawww mawww....

I was playing the pitty party......I can see the angel and the devil fighting each other out in my head.

Thank goodness the Angel won!  I got over the frustration, aggrevation, pitty party and all that non-sense.

Not to say it might not happen again.... We sometimes get into those funky moods where everything and anything will bother us or easily get us down.

It's as they call it the "Emotional Wheel" you need to know when to spin it around so that you get off the negative side.

So with that being said.....I'm preparing myself to go out and about for some new leads.

God is my strength and I know with him all things are possible.  I thank him every morning for all that I have!!!!

Adios....hasta manana :)

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