Monday, December 5, 2011

Event Day 10am -3pm

Hello There,

Well today was the official first Mary Kay business event.  Rewind.... back track just a bit...yesterday (Sunday) I finished off as many baskets as I could and had a total of 60 baskets available for sale.  I packed my car with all my goodies for Monday's event so that way I would not forget anything.

fast-forward.....Event Day.  I met up with my friend Esta...who so graciously gave up her spare time to attend the event with me....and we were on our way to Rocky Pointe....that beautiful place where the scenery was of palm trees and the ocean with a nice warm breeze.

We gathered everything from the trunk and back seat of the car and took it to the lobby of the Pointe.
Once everything was at the lobby I went to park the car.  As always Ms. Congeniality (AKA Me) had a few things in my hands and was walking to the lobby when next thing I know I was on the floor...... It was the funniest thing and I thought to myself " I am so darn clumsy... what the heck I should have been named Ms. Congeniality".  Well I quickly got up looked around and just busted out laughing.....and thought to myself I truly hope no one seen me..... LOLOL

Anyway after I got myself up from kissing the floor I went to the lobby with Esta and we gathered everything and decorated the table for the event.

The first hour or so we had a few stragglers....I'm guessing since it was a Monday it wasn't a good time to do an event.... as the day went buy we had a few more people stop by and finally at 12pm my first sale.  A really nice woman came over and purchase a few gifts for her son's teachers.  She was so happy that she could shop during her lunch break and not have to worry about going to the mall.  We then had another lady who purchased another 3 baskets and a gentlemen who purchased 3 items.    Wow I was thankful to God that I was able to sell 9 baskets in the 5 hrs I was there. I was also thankful to my friends and family who helped me with the baskets and lending me items to make this this even possible....

Oh and yes I had to tak another picture of the beautiful scenery!!!!

Now to get ready for the next event :)


  1. Hi Elbs,

    I hope it was a success your baskets are beautiful. Good touch classy lady... Good luck again to your new endeavors, now is a great time to get out there..

  2. Thanks Girlie :) and yes this was the best time for me to kick it up a notch (Emeril Lagasse voice) LOL and get the business going. I pray it will continue to work. I have to keep saying to myself be consistant :)