Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skipping out!

As the title in this post says..... "Skipping out" that is exactly what I have been doing?  I was suppose to post everyday of my process but have seemed to skip out on doing so.....

This makes me realize that I really need to work harder on my consistency.  Consistency is the key to all.

So I will need to make sure that I go to FedEx tomorrow and print my activity worksheet so that I can jot down my "Six things to do for MK" and my other schedules that I have planned for my day to day.

Since I haven't been consistent I will give you an update on Day 12 thru Day 14.

Day 12 - I prepared myself for my open house - Labelled the catalogs, updated my inventory and prepared little pastry puffs for the next day.

Day 13 - Open House - Everyone came over and we had a great time.  We had a make up party and glammed up a few of the girls who were willing.  I was able to show all the ladies the new line of lip glosses, lip liners and eye liners.  It was great to see the transformation....not that they didn't look pretty before but with the make up they looked like super-models....  everyone was glammed and ready for a night out on the town.

Day 14 - Stars and Cars conference.... This was a an 8 hr event which was just fab!  4 hrs of recognition and 4 hrs of training.... I tell you there is no feeling like getting recognition for doing what you love to do.
We had such a great training with Executive National Sales Director, National Sales Director and various other Sales Directors.... It's great to hear their accomplishments and their "Why" on how they started Mary Kay.

Well here is a picture of me with the National Sales Director Cathy Littlejohn and Executive National Sales Director Sheryl Warfield.  They are awesome humble ladies.

Sheryl Warfield
Executive NSD

Cathy Littlejohn

Pictures are a little blurry but was excited to just be able to meet and talk with them :)

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