Saturday, December 17, 2011

Busy little Bee......

Hope your weekend started off good......I've been a busy little Bee
I have relatives over the holidays so I had to switch my Mary Kay room back into a guest room....and with the little closet space in this big 'o house I had to improvise.

That still didn't stop me from getting in some sales.....I took my baskets and put them all in my trunk.  I went to various businesses in my local area and started to sell.  I was able to sell some baskets to a few people :)

I took a break Friday since my visitors were coming around 2pm.

I am working on things for Monday going forward.... getting my schedule together and strategies to get rid of the remaining baskets.

Wish me luck :)

7 more days until the big day.... :) Christmas........


  1. You should have a open house next christmas with all of your basket of goodies, or maybe an after christmas super sale with door busters... Plus, Valentines day is coming, maybe you want to get your goody baskets made for men.. I bought I nice cologne and men's aftershave for Roberto last year.. as his stocking stuffer.

  2. Thanks girlie I was going to do a open house but I have guest over and it took up to much of my time :( But I have men's and women baskets. Next Yr I'll be a little more prepared since this is my first yr with the business :)

    I'll probably do a Pink Friday sale :)

    Thanks for your support and ideas keep them coming :)