Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is M.I.A. addicting?!?!?!!

It sort of looks like I've been addicted to M.I.A. (Missing In Action).  I've been gone for a while.  Trying to keep focused on making Mary Kay work in my favor.  So here are the details......

At the end of February I was able to have a show and through that show I was able to get 3 bookings.  I have followed up with them and we will be having the shows in April.  March seem to be a very busy month for Weddings, spring break etc....

I also called on to another friend of mine and she will be hosting a show this month (March) as well. Things are starting to look up.  I'm getting more motivated to work again LOL. 

It's funny how things are in Corporate America..... you are like a robotic worker bee who just works and do what you are told. It's very mechanical but when you start to work your own business it takes time to get into a rhythmical system. It is doable and this is what I am starting to learn.  I may not be working in Corporate America but I am working for myself and although I love the flexibility I still have to remember to work it.

So after I take my son to school in the am I keep myself up and start my day working on MK.

With that being said we are now in a new month and we are 3days in..... I have 3 classes and 2 Mary Kay events....

One that I love going to...which is our Stars and Cars event.  This quarter they are giving away $500 Cash to all hostess... isn't that great!  I have attended 2 Stars and Cars event and have not been up on the stage :'( 
Why you might be asking.....because I didn't work my business that's why!  So this time I'm working to at least get to Star Consultant or Senior Consultant....

Star Consultant - Consultant who sells $1800 in wholesale items.
Senior Consultant - 1 to 2 consultants on your team :)

Then we have Career Conference in Orlando.....this event will be my first and to be honest I'm super excited.  It seems like so much fun and I can't wait to see the vision and see outside the box :)

Maybe I should do a vision board so that I can view what I want....or at least write it down.

It's funny how the enemy will do anything and everything to stop you from succeeding in life.  I was slipping into his grasp but woke up and I'm working on keeping it that way.....

I will continue to work my business and I will continue this journey to succeed.

I leave you with this.... "Making your dreams come true takes more than just dreaming.  It takes action and determination to make those dreams come true!" 

By this time next year I want to be with my director's outfit with these beautiful Directors :)

Katy Perry - Part of Me - Love this song!  The enemy might take the materialistic things and break them into pieces but he will never take my soul!

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