Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New chapter soon to begin.....

Well today is my second to last day at work.  Then this time tomorrow I will be officially unemployed.  You would think I would be going crazy but for some reason I'm feeling good.  I feel like I'm reading a great novel and I'm anxious to get to the next chapter to see what's going to happen.

I guess since it wasn't a surprise I feel like I'm closing an old book and opening up a new one.  Life has many surprising and I'm ready for the challenge.

Now on to some serious work...... I get my next shipment tomorrow of my holiday items from Mary Kay.  I guess I will have a lot of fun things to do this weekend.  I have to make some extra baskets for my event Monday Dec. 5th..... so I will need my little elves again LOL

I guess I should let my little elves know I'm going to need them this wknd right?

I am definitely going to have to do a little special something for them..... Thank God for loving family members.

Well until to my Mary Kay the inspiration :)

Como dice mi abuela... Palante como un elefante!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting ready

Okay so I've been gone for a few days..... It was a nice long 4 day weekend (Thanksgiving wknd @that).  We had so much food it was crazy but nonetheless I thank God for the blessing.  I think the next day I was so stuffed I didn't eat until 3pm and not to mention I was a lazy bone most of the day.....

Saturday on the other hand was a little more productive :)  I cleaned up and got started on my Holiday gift baskets.  I have two shopping events coming up in December and have started to prepare for the event.  Lots of products and gift baskets had to be made.  Thank goodness for family members who helped me out because if not I would probably be up all night working on them LOL.

Now I'm waiting on the second shipment of products to make some more gift sets, they are probably going to kill me after that.  I think some free stuff is in order for my hard working elves LOL

Love them women in my family :)

Well here are some photos of some of the gift baskets...

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Start

Today is the first day I'm writing on this blog :)  My soul purpose for this blog is to make notes of what I'm doing to accomplish my goals in my journey as a Mary Kay Independent Consultant.  You will see the initials MK noted a lot which is an abbreviation for Mary Kay (the business).  I started this business to help my mom as she started to grow her team in April 2011.  I'm really not doing much to keep it running because of my full time job which really takes a lot of my time. 

I have now decided to put a little more effort into it to see where it will take me.  I want the opportunity to earn the use of that Pink Cadillac or better yet that new Black Mustang....hmmm that should good right about now :) ....well those are one of the bigger goals.  My smaller goal right now is to start to build my clientele and team.  Eventually my ultimate goal is to work from home and be able to have the flexibility I want when I want.

So to get started I talked to friends and family about Holiday gifts sets I have.  I have also looked around for vending events to attend to sell my inventory :)  I have two gigs right now.  Now on to selling products and building my clientele. Wish me luck :)

God is good and I thank him every morning and evening for his blessings.... BTW that's one of the many things I love about MK  God 1st, Family 2nd and Career 3rd. (One of Mary Kay Ash's philosophy's)

Well I'll leave you with this....

"Success is a result of your hard and make it happen" ER....Work hard and you will be able to play hard.

Have a blessed day :)