Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's been a really long time! Journey day 1

Hello there,

It's been a long time since I have posted on my blog.  Kind of got off track and out into space LOL

After a conversation with my mom she suggested I write a book, blog or something about finances or a speaker.... So it made me think about this blog I once had and loved writing on.

With that being said I thought I'd share my "note to self" because I realized that I want my dreams to become reality and my goals to work for me but I have not put in the time.  In order for your dreams to become a reality you have to work at it.  So here is my little "Note to self" I posted on FB (Facebook)

In life you have to focus on what you want out of life. You can't depend on anyone to do it for you. It's your goals, your dreams and ONLY YOU can make it happen. It doesn't matter where you came from,what you've been through, how you were raised or the money you have or didn't have. You can't change your past but y...ou sure can change your future. The future is in your hands...... Focus on working towards your goals no matter what obstacles come your way. Work around them, go over them or push them to the side. You can do it, you can make it happen, you can make those dreams become reality!......Focus Focus Focus ~ Note to self~ :)
After being laid off in Dec. 2011 I decided to put in more time with my Mary Kay business and focus on growing my business......little did I know that I've been a slave to Corporate America and could not focus on being auto-discipline.  I was to busy doing other things for others and being busy on non productive things that I slowly went down hill. :/
Well today I am back in the slave of things in Corporate a Financial Anyalyst (part of my career) but I still feel something is missing.  That ambition to be my own Boss work on my terms.  Work when I want but work consistantly so that I do not fail again.
So here I am again going to try this thing out again.  I pray to God for the wisdom to be consistant with my business focus on what my goals are and the reason behind it.
Little by little I will focus on getting my goals together and practice what I preach LOL
Message to my mom today about working on her goal to move:
You have a goal and that's to move.... post it everywhere.  I have to save so I can move.  But it on your desktop at work, your cell phone wall paper.  in your checkbook on a sticky note.  On your debit card everywhere you can think to remind you LOL
That will motivate you to say do I really need this or do I just really want it.
That's how people save and get out of debt.  I'm learning this the hard way going through the hard road and that's why I'm telling you.  It's like the MK Directors they've been down that road and so they are trying to make the road easier for you to go through by training you :)
I crack myself up sometimes.  I really need to follow my advice. I am going to put post it notes on my debit card and dashboard etc.... where I want to be in the next 6 months.
Well my friends that's day 1 of my new Journey.  I'm sticking to it and going to move forward out of debt, in my new MK car (MK aka Mary Kay) and working my business for me putting money in my trustee account for my future generation :)

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