Monday, March 5, 2012

Working on a schedule....

Well Sunday was my day off but still found time to help volunteer for my son's football team.  They are required to do volunteer time and in return the company will donate 15k towards their football team equipment etc.

So I took some time to help him get his hours in at the Renaissence Festival.  Love watching the people get dressed and all.

Well since today is Monday it's time to get on the ball and build a schedule for the week.

Today's agenda is -

 Prepare my goodie bags so that I can go out and about on Tuesday.
Print my discount cards to add to goodie bags
Study my spiel so that I don't get confused when saying it (LOL)
Make a few booking calls to add to my calendar.
Find a center where I can do volunteer work for the International Women's Day.
(which by the way is begins March 8th and runs through April 8th)

Then out to do a few other personal things.  So for now Monday's schedule is set, now to write on paper the rest of the week :)

Have a great day!!!

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