Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not an easy task.....

Tuesday was a little hectic for me.... Due to the fact that I slacked off on my business January and February it has caused me to have to look for steady work.  Well Monday and Tuesday I had an interview and had to push some of my MK stuff to the side for it.

Monday I didn't prepare much but I did study my spiel.  Now I have to make up time for those days.  Yesterday as I stopped to get a slice of pizza I took advantage that I was the only customer there and asked the cashier if she's help me out with my training.  I actually said a little more than that LOL but you get the point.

She said yes and I told her I would give her a call today (Wed) to schedule an appointment. (since she would be at the pizza shop until close 10pm)

Today will be my make-up day and I will be off to find out how much it will cost to by ink for my printer.  It will probably save me some time and gas (which is out of control, I'm about to ride a bike with a basket in front LOL)

Today is also my unit meeting so I will have to prepare for that as well.

Prepare my goodie bags so that I can go out for leads.
Print my discount cards to add to goodie bags
Study my spiel so that I don't get confused when saying it (LOL) (Mon & Tues)
Make a few booking calls to add to my calendar.
Find a center where I can do volunteer work for the International Women's Day.
(which by the way is begins March 8th and runs through April 8th) Checked a few places but haven't rec'd any calls back
I'm currently looking for some small goodie bags that will look better than ziplock me it seems a little tacky LOL

Out to the $1.00 I go LOL

Well people I hope you have a great day.  Off I go to get my business things done.

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