Monday, July 23, 2012

How do I begin!

It's been a long time since my last login. Obviously my consistency clock needs some fixing :(

Well I started May and June strong but somehow dwindled down mid June. I need to remember to double book and book more than one show per week. Its obvious that cancellations happen and I have to have a Plan B.

I also have to make sure I plan my week better. I seem to be in wasting time mode. My mind need to remember I'm running a business and its the same thing as if I worked in corporate America working 9-5. I need to set my hours for the week and stick to it.

I have let other things like dr. Appts, my son's football practice and taking people places be my focus.

I took off a full wk so that I can prepare for my guest during my bday week which was so much fun. I wish they could have stayed longer :'(

Well after they left I decided to create my vision board..... essential so that you can visualize and get yourself motivated to pursue your dreams. Second I printed out several weekly plan sheets so that on Sunday I can plan my week.

Next thing to do is practice on my consistency and go out to business for new leads.

This Friday I went to several places. I was able to strike a deal with a florist to but a fish bowl in her business (fish bowl is a bowl where people enter their business card or info for a prize). I also have to set up an appt at a beauty salon for a complimentary facial.

I'm praying this will help me generate leads. Well I will me off tomorrow (Sunday) and back to work Monday.  Sunday will be my day to write my plan for the week.

Wish me luck!

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