Thursday, December 29, 2011


Okay so last night was our unit meeting...(Wed. night) and with closing in the year directors were talking about the benefit of being a director in MK (Mary Kay).

So as an example they asked that we create two columns.... Column 1 Consultants Column 2 Directors

As they started the example it went as follows....

Consultant                                                      Director
5 consultant in your unit                               5 consultants in your unit
Sales @ 5k in a month                               Sales @ 5k in a month

Earnings as a Cconsultant                              Eearnings as a Director
13% of Sales per unit $650.00                   13% of Sales per unit $650.00 

At this point I'm thinking to myself okay no difference right? This is just the beginning.

13% of Sales per unit $650.00                     13% of Sales per unit  $650.00  (for 1unit)
$50 per Consultant    $250.00                     13% per pers. growth $650.00
earnings per mo.        $900.00                     $100 x 5 per cons.      $500.00
                                                                   5 per. active cons.$500.00                                
                                                                  10% of 5k production $500.00
                                                                    earnings per month    $2,800

Okay with those numbers which one would you chose?  Would you chose to make $900. per month or $2,800 per month in addition to your personal sales?

I think for me I chose Director status!!!  Now now....I know it's not going to be easy but I can definitely use that extra $2,800 or more per unit!  What do I have to lose? Nothing...... I'm going to be like that little train...I think I can, I think I can.....LOL

As I sit here writing my mind is going at 500 MPH and thinking of the full circle things I need to do to accomplish this goal. In last nights meeting our questions were:

Question 1- Si tu tuviera el dinero que tu arrias? (not sure if that's spelled right)
                   If you had the money what would you do with it?

Answer 1 - Pagar mi casa, comprara ropa, y salgo de toda mis duedas
                  I would pay off my house, buy clothes and get out of debt

Question 2. ¿Cómo permanezco yo enfocado?
                    How do I stay focused?

Answer 2. Escribir todo lo que hago para montener un registro. primir el registro de actividad para que me ayude montener enfocada.
I will write my activities down and print the Activity Chart to make sure I write everything down so I know what I have done.

Question 3. Que vas hacer para complir esta meta?
                  What will you do to achieve this goal?

Answer 3.  Me tendré responsable de las cosas que hago y me recompenso cuando complete?
                 I am going to hold myself accountable of the things I do and reward myself when it has been completed.

Okay I'm going to leave you with this.... last words of the meeting

Si no tienes meta ni te meta!
If you don't have goals then don't even bother!

Write down your goals....short term, medium term and long term....then get a poster board with your personal, family and career goals for the yr.  Then post it up on the wall in your room or kitchen so that you can keep yourself accountable :)

I have my career goals written for 2012 now family goals and personal I go to get started.

Have a great day :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Change comes with time..... you know they say if you do something consistently everyday for 28 days straight it becomes a habit.

With that being said....I vow for the new year to create a new habit that will allow me to grow my business.  I will make note everyday on my blog of things I am doing consistently to grow my business even if its the same thing over an over.  January 2, 2012 will be my start date :)

I'm so looking forward to it....I really enjoy what I do and the flexibility of being around to have dinner ready early even though my kids are grown.....I really wish I would have known about this business earlier to be more available for my kids.  Like they say "everything comes in it's due time".  I am a strong believer in that.  I am also a strong believer in "Everything happens for a reason". 

At the moment you may think why I am I going through this and that....but once you have weathered the storm you can look back and see what you learned, what you got out of it or why it actually happened.

Through it all always remember that God will never forsake you; he will be there for you and carry you along the way.

As I was reading statuses on FB I came across one from Joyce Meyer that made me stop and think....

"Thank God for twenty things today… before you ask Him for anything." ~Joyce Meyer~

Can you name 20 things you are thankful or grateful for?  Try it and see.....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Can I say GEEZZZZZZ...... I've been slacking off like crazy.  I have had guest at my place for the past week and with that being said I have neglected my business and everything that has to do with it. :(

Not a good thing because I am trying to stay consistent with everything that I do.  So to get back into the groove I am going to start my day with reviewing all of my sales receipts and review every one's order.  I will then go onto my personal website and print out my monthly report. 

I need to start making phone calls starting Jan 2nd for re-orders and courtesy calls.  In this business customer service is a must and I definitely need to be consistent with it.  I also need to start scheduling new appointments.  January is going to be an explosive one....we are giving away a 32 inch flat screen TV and in order to entry into the drawing you must host a show..... too bad I'm a consultant or I would host a show too LOL

With all that being said I need to create my 6 things to do list for the next week.

Today's 6 things to do are:

1) Review all my orders from last month
2)Enter all the information from potential clients from the business events
3) Take an hour to make customer service calls
4) Update my inventory list
5)Check on shipping status from last weeks order
6) Prepare for tomorrows MK meeting

Hope you all have a wonderful day.... until tomorrow

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Busy little Bee......

Hope your weekend started off good......I've been a busy little Bee
I have relatives over the holidays so I had to switch my Mary Kay room back into a guest room....and with the little closet space in this big 'o house I had to improvise.

That still didn't stop me from getting in some sales.....I took my baskets and put them all in my trunk.  I went to various businesses in my local area and started to sell.  I was able to sell some baskets to a few people :)

I took a break Friday since my visitors were coming around 2pm.

I am working on things for Monday going forward.... getting my schedule together and strategies to get rid of the remaining baskets.

Wish me luck :)

7 more days until the big day.... :) Christmas........

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Preparation- ready, set and GO!!!

Morning out there :)

Today is another one of my events so I took some times yesterday to do some last minute preparations.  Verified all the baskets and made sure it was correct on my Price List for today.

All is set and ready to go.  While I am waiting for my time to leave I thought I'd put the ribs in the oven to cook and pick up the kitchen a bit from the mess of the morning rush......

I also set all my cooking ingredients to the side so that when I return it is readily available for me to start dinner when I get home.  Tonight is also our Mary Kay unit meetings so I need to be out the door by 6:15pm to get there by 6:30 :) 

Love those meetings and the motivation it brings..... okay it's time to go...I will give you an update tonight.


Okay so the event was an Epic fail (Katie Perry words....LOL love her)  had no sales but was able to get leads from my raffle.

Our meeting on the other hand was fantastic.... definitely gave us some tips to use to generate more sales.... Well I already got started with that..... Pillow gift w/a Pillow it.

Let's see how the sales goes.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Organize, organize and organize

Hope you all had a great weekend....I sure did :)  Had a family girl's nite on Saturday and then a friends brunch on Sunday.... It was definitely exciting and did I mention fun? We even rec'd souviners, blankets with our names on it :)  how cute is that :)

Okay so this weekend I did nothing with my business....I figured I'd take a break from it to have a little fun :)  Now back on my grind..... Today I organized my inventory and double checked all the baskets for this weeks event.  I then worked on cleaning my closet of clothes I don't use, need or were just catching dust.  All of those items were put in a bag for the donation.

So for tomorrow my agenda includes taking those items to the donation box.  Then hitting up the stores, offices and schools to see if I can get the baskets sold :) 

I will also tell my customers about my pre-sale for the new line....I'm so excited....I should definitely have a pre-sale party and maybe I should call it a coffee break?!?!? hmmm  have a few people over and they can view the new line and have some coffee and cookies. Can you see me scratching my head LOL

Well I'm going to keep it short and sweet today....lately I've been writing a storybook or movie film LOL

Well I'm going to leave you with this.....Keeping yourself organized daily will prevent you from having a cluttered house.  I make an effort to do this as often as I can.....

I'd also like to leave you with this song..... I love the chorus....

"I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive, I came to win,
       to survive, to prosper, to rise, to fly, to fly"

Life is about living it to the're as alive as you want to be.....make the best of "ME" and see yourself soar and fly!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Time wasted....

Okay so today my productivity level for my business was shut down to zero...... I was on the hunt for new picture frames to use for my guest bathroom.  Note to self....why didn't you offer complimentary facials?!?!?!

Well I went from Goodwill to K-Mart to Walmart and nothing :(  sooooo my next idea was to print some scenic pictures that I can put in some picture frames I got on clearance from K-Mart.  In the meantime I was running around and it took longer for me to get my other things accomplished.

I got home and prepared the meat for dinner.  After dinner I decided to just baskets, no washing clothes or anything else for that matter....LOL  So here I am writing on the blog before I call it a night.  I think after all this week's activity I deserve to have a relaxing Friday because my weekend is fulled with activities.  Tomorrow is family girls night.... we started this tradition 3 yrs ago where all the girls in the family have "me" time. We send the hubbies and kids away. 

Then there is Sunday..... Girls brunch with my ex-coworkers who have turned into very dear friends.... Gotta love them girls.....there is 4 Puerto Ricans, 1 Ecuadorian, 1 Italian and our dear Ms. Susanita who was transformed into a Crackerican....LOL 

She says "I'm a Galleta" LOL  That all started one night when some of the girls went to this Latin restaurant and all the Latin women were served coffee in a ceramic mug and she was served in a Styrofoam cup....she asked the waiter "Why did you give me this cup?  Is it because I'm a Galleta?"  LMFAO I could not stop laughing just to think at the waiter's face.... nonetheless the waiter apologized for the mistake (hmmmm was it really a mistake?) and offered to give her a ceramic mug.  She declined and they continued on with their conversation.

I still have a few baskets/gift sets I need to get together and only have 4 days to do it..... So I better get on my job.  I can probably do a few tomorrow during the day since our girls night is at 6pm. Then a few more on Sunday after our girls brunch.  This will give me time on Monday to start going out again to get these baskets sold for the holidays.

Wish me luck.... Oh by the way one of my goals was sent.  I sent an email to the women's shelter asking for someone to contact me regarding me volunteering once a month at the shelter.  I will follow up with a call on Monday.  I told them I would like to volunteer my time at the shelter to give 6-10 girls a complimentary pampering with Mary Kay strings attached nothing in return and no I wasn't looking to sell to anyone!  I just want to give back to my community and helping rebuild women's confidence. 

I hope I get a call back soon..... if not I will call them on Monday for a follow up.

You know sometimes we create a "things to do" list and the list is more than what we can handle.... Mary Kay Ash said during her "35,000 List" to keep the list short and sweet.  Create a list of 6 most important items to do the day before and that way it can be easily manageable. 

Well I have to tell you that I have found this very very helpful.  I have been writing my list of the most important things to get done for the next day.  Every time I have one done I will cross it out.  Sometimes I actually have time to complete one or two more.

So even though I wasted some time looking for picture frames for the bathroom....I still was able to accomplish the other 5 things to do.... It just took longer than I expected.....But I must say I had a great time with my titi and we had some really heart to heart talks.  Love that women even through all that suffering she still manages to keep a smile on her face.... I will end with this....

  • Manage your time wisely
  • Create your "$35,000 List"
  • Create memories that will last forever
  • Never take life for granted you never know when it will end
  • Note to self -Shorten my blog.....geez I should have been a author
Good Night everyone hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hustla -urban slang -  A hustla is someone skilled at turning a profit no matter what the enterprise.

That's exactly what I was yesterday...a Mary Kay hustla...LOL

If I want this business to grow I must work at it right?  Well yesterday I had to deliver a few products to some why not show them my gift sets right?  Well I decided to stuff my trunk with a few of my gift sets/baskets for the holidays and went on my delivery way...LOL  I became Elbs-UPEX (UPS & FEDEX combined)

After talking with my clients and delivering their merchandise I also let them know I have a few gift baskets that would be great for their shopping list.  I was able to sell 6 gift baskets. While I was grateful for them purchasing I think I also save them some time from their busy holiday schedule :)

That was a plus for me and for about them apples (LOL got that from my are hilarious)

Yesterday was also our unit meeting day.....Special information and training for Mary Kay....I just love going to those meetings they really get you excited....LOL

Well until I had to speak in spanish (since our meetings are in spanish)  I seriously need to get some spanish lessons like ASAP.  I had to explain to the girls how to create a eye shadow lollipop and create the labels I made online.  It was a difficult task but I got most of it accomplished with the help of my adopted director...thank God....

Things to accomplish:

  • Practice perfecting my spanish
  • Practice talking about the products in spanish (note to self-you need a spanish catalog)
  • Start recruiting to grow your team (benefits- helping others)
  • Contact the women's battered shelter to set up an appt for complimentary facials
  • Create a raffle to sell @ Wednesday's event ($2 tickets) proceeds to benefit Children's home.
Okay goals are to put them into action.

Que tenga un buen dia....Tengo una reta para lograr y es tener una chica en me equipo de Mary Kay antes de el fin de December.  Y vender $600 en productos para recibir un anillo....hmmmm veremos a ver si lo puedo lograr.

Translation: Hope you have a good day.   I have to complete a challenge and that is to have one girl join my Mary Kay team by the end of December. And sell $600 in products to win a MK ring.....hmmm let's see if I can achieve that goal.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Okay so today I was running around...... first had my second interview with Ideal Image and frankly I think it went sour :(  for some reason one of the questions she asked just flew right over my head and just went downhill from there :(

Don't know but I just lifted it up to God.  He knows what is in line for my new chapter in life so I'm going to leave it at that.  Maybe it is to continue Mary Kay full time who knows but right now I know I'm unemployed and I need a steady income.

With that being said I realized that I come into contact with many people.  Today I came in contact with my interviewers (which I was not going to ask if they wanted a complimentary facial).

2) The cell phone company to get a new phone (needless to say I need to get use to it)
3)The supermarket
4) The bank
5)Another supermarket
6) McDonald's

Then I sat down and thought....hmmmmm I've come into contact with various people and I didn't even bother to offer them a complimentary facial or anything like that....HELLO Networking is the 1 important thing you need to do in a consulting business.  I need to get out there and offer offer offer....then maybe I can build my clientele.

So tomorrow my goal is to offer at least one person a complimentary facial. I have a few errands to run that includes taking some of my gift baskets to two local businesses and run a few other errands.

Tomorrow is my Mary Kay unit meetings....I just love the positive feedback we get from there...

Well until tomorrow....trying to figure out how to get my contacts on my new phone. Girl at the place said it was added via bluetooth but aaaahhhheeemmmm seem like she didn't know what the flowering stitches she was doing because I have no damn frustrating.

Well Good night people.  Hope you have a wonderful evening. Until tomorrow!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Event Day 10am -3pm

Hello There,

Well today was the official first Mary Kay business event.  Rewind.... back track just a bit...yesterday (Sunday) I finished off as many baskets as I could and had a total of 60 baskets available for sale.  I packed my car with all my goodies for Monday's event so that way I would not forget anything.

fast-forward.....Event Day.  I met up with my friend Esta...who so graciously gave up her spare time to attend the event with me....and we were on our way to Rocky Pointe....that beautiful place where the scenery was of palm trees and the ocean with a nice warm breeze.

We gathered everything from the trunk and back seat of the car and took it to the lobby of the Pointe.
Once everything was at the lobby I went to park the car.  As always Ms. Congeniality (AKA Me) had a few things in my hands and was walking to the lobby when next thing I know I was on the floor...... It was the funniest thing and I thought to myself " I am so darn clumsy... what the heck I should have been named Ms. Congeniality".  Well I quickly got up looked around and just busted out laughing.....and thought to myself I truly hope no one seen me..... LOLOL

Anyway after I got myself up from kissing the floor I went to the lobby with Esta and we gathered everything and decorated the table for the event.

The first hour or so we had a few stragglers....I'm guessing since it was a Monday it wasn't a good time to do an event.... as the day went buy we had a few more people stop by and finally at 12pm my first sale.  A really nice woman came over and purchase a few gifts for her son's teachers.  She was so happy that she could shop during her lunch break and not have to worry about going to the mall.  We then had another lady who purchased another 3 baskets and a gentlemen who purchased 3 items.    Wow I was thankful to God that I was able to sell 9 baskets in the 5 hrs I was there. I was also thankful to my friends and family who helped me with the baskets and lending me items to make this this even possible....

Oh and yes I had to tak another picture of the beautiful scenery!!!!

Now to get ready for the next event :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

So much to do in so little time

Okay so I received my shipment last night and I still have not had time to review my inventory and get those gift sets ready :(

I need to start making a "TO DO" list and make sure that I get things done within the time frame I'm looking for.

As a new consultant I need to remember to give myself set hours so that I'm not cutting into family time and other personal stuff....definitely do not want to burn myself out.  So with that being said...I will start by getting a organizer over the weekend.

Part of my things to do today was to go check out my event site for Monday's event. I have to tell you I was in awww of how beautiful the scenery was...I just wanted to sit on the ledge of the driveway and just soak in the cool breeze, the palm trees and the wavy water......It sort of made me feel like I was on vacation :)

My cell phone camera sucks big time....but here is a visual of it....just think of it much brighter with the sun shining strong....

a nice warm breeze and a feeling of was beautiful.  I swear if I would have know about that place a few years back I would have purchased a Condo there instead of the house I have now....
Well for now I can dream right..... maybe I need to put that on my list of Goals.... it doesn't hurt right :)

Well off to cook I go....then to get that inventory on the books and ready for Monday.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shipment has arrived

OMG I'm so excited!!! I have my second shipment and now it's time to get started.  I have to do the inventory and then get it ready for my event....I have a lot of work to do this wknd....

Well ppl have a goodnite :)

It's a new chapter....

Today is my final day at my full-time job and it feels strange but I'm excited.  I guess because I've known about it for some time.  A new chapter is about to begin...I have my Mary Kay products ready and Monday is the official start of my Mary Kay business.  I have a full day of excitement.... 12 days of Christmas event. 

I look forward to meeting new people and have lots of clientele :) God willing :)

Okay time to get off the system...will chat with you later :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New chapter soon to begin.....

Well today is my second to last day at work.  Then this time tomorrow I will be officially unemployed.  You would think I would be going crazy but for some reason I'm feeling good.  I feel like I'm reading a great novel and I'm anxious to get to the next chapter to see what's going to happen.

I guess since it wasn't a surprise I feel like I'm closing an old book and opening up a new one.  Life has many surprising and I'm ready for the challenge.

Now on to some serious work...... I get my next shipment tomorrow of my holiday items from Mary Kay.  I guess I will have a lot of fun things to do this weekend.  I have to make some extra baskets for my event Monday Dec. 5th..... so I will need my little elves again LOL

I guess I should let my little elves know I'm going to need them this wknd right?

I am definitely going to have to do a little special something for them..... Thank God for loving family members.

Well until to my Mary Kay the inspiration :)

Como dice mi abuela... Palante como un elefante!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting ready

Okay so I've been gone for a few days..... It was a nice long 4 day weekend (Thanksgiving wknd @that).  We had so much food it was crazy but nonetheless I thank God for the blessing.  I think the next day I was so stuffed I didn't eat until 3pm and not to mention I was a lazy bone most of the day.....

Saturday on the other hand was a little more productive :)  I cleaned up and got started on my Holiday gift baskets.  I have two shopping events coming up in December and have started to prepare for the event.  Lots of products and gift baskets had to be made.  Thank goodness for family members who helped me out because if not I would probably be up all night working on them LOL.

Now I'm waiting on the second shipment of products to make some more gift sets, they are probably going to kill me after that.  I think some free stuff is in order for my hard working elves LOL

Love them women in my family :)

Well here are some photos of some of the gift baskets...

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Start

Today is the first day I'm writing on this blog :)  My soul purpose for this blog is to make notes of what I'm doing to accomplish my goals in my journey as a Mary Kay Independent Consultant.  You will see the initials MK noted a lot which is an abbreviation for Mary Kay (the business).  I started this business to help my mom as she started to grow her team in April 2011.  I'm really not doing much to keep it running because of my full time job which really takes a lot of my time. 

I have now decided to put a little more effort into it to see where it will take me.  I want the opportunity to earn the use of that Pink Cadillac or better yet that new Black Mustang....hmmm that should good right about now :) ....well those are one of the bigger goals.  My smaller goal right now is to start to build my clientele and team.  Eventually my ultimate goal is to work from home and be able to have the flexibility I want when I want.

So to get started I talked to friends and family about Holiday gifts sets I have.  I have also looked around for vending events to attend to sell my inventory :)  I have two gigs right now.  Now on to selling products and building my clientele. Wish me luck :)

God is good and I thank him every morning and evening for his blessings.... BTW that's one of the many things I love about MK  God 1st, Family 2nd and Career 3rd. (One of Mary Kay Ash's philosophy's)

Well I'll leave you with this....

"Success is a result of your hard and make it happen" ER....Work hard and you will be able to play hard.

Have a blessed day :)