Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 3 - Holding myself accountable

Okay so before the new year started I said I would be posted everyday starting 1/2.  Well I lied :(

Yesterday I was so tired from running around getting my guest their last minute souviners and taking them to the airport that I barely did anything that has to do with MK.  Not good. 

I wrote my list of things to do and all I got accomplished was

1)Enter client info into my database
2) Make one delivery

the other 4 things were never completed.  This will set me back for todays things to do.

So with that being said I will have to re-arrange my "6 things to do list"

So my to do list is as follows:

1) Deliver products to a customer (new)
2) Review my December orders (new)
3) Make customer service calls (1/4 to do item)
4)Update inventory (1/4 to do item)
5) Booking calls (1/4 to do item)
6) Schedule "Open house event" and send out invites (1/4 to do item)

Hopefully I can still to the plan...... Oh I really need to get a new Organizer for my events....

Well off I go... have a good day

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