Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today I rec'd a call from my director from NY....the one that has been M.I.A for some time....well her and I were talking about my progress and what I'm doing to be consistent.

Note of consistency

  1.  Night before write the 6 things to do list (done on my datebook so I see it at all times)
  2. Those 6 times have to be business related to generate money (Booking calls, appointments, etc)
  3. Hold yourself accountable the day of the list
  4. Check them off as they are being done
This has helped me to be consistent and know in advance what things need to be done in writing!  I am also preparing myself not to fail.  When you are unclear of what you need to do you find yourself wasting away your day. 

We also spoke about things like leads and referrals

Note for leads

  1. Go to local business and ask if you can put a facial boxes in their business.  Of course once we get the referrals and call we would advertise the business in which the boxes were held.  It's a win for the local business (free advertising) the customer (complimentary facial/glamour) and you (get leads and hopefully business)
  2. Call up previous customers and tell them about your promotion for qualified referrals.
  3. Go out to the playgrounds, schools and other locations where stay at home moms are (These women love to be pampered especially after being all day with their children)
  4. Contact friends or acquintances on your social media to offer your business
We also spoke about referrals from parties.  I was having a hard time with some referrals a friend gave me so I asked what was the best way to handle that and she told me if they do not answer or return your call after several attempts (3 max) then they are not interested.  Keep moving forward.

She also suggested I write up a business plan of what I want to do with my business and where I want to go with it.

Right now my goal is to reach my Red Jacket level by June 15..... I have approximately 6 weeks to do this.  Tomorrow is my day to figure out when and how I will achieve that goal :)

Well guys that's my post for the day....hope this helps you in your business or just your daily life.  Making note of things is very important so that you don't lose what you are focused on doing. Be what it may be personal or business wise.

Good luck......

If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right.
Mary Kay Ash

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