Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monday and Tuesday updates....Day 1 and Day 2

Wow 2012...let's see how long it will take me before I stop writing 2011 on my order forms LOL

Okay so here is a quick update of things I've done to consistantly run my business.

Monday - Organized all my paperwork, reviewed all orders from 30 days for customer service calls.
about 2 hrs. ( Still have guest over so I couldn't completely transform my guest room back to my MK office)

Tuesday - Gathered my weekend orders and arranged delivery for tomorrow Wednesday.
Put labels on my 40 catalogs for shows. (Tomorrow my guest will be leaving :( so I will be able to make Customer Service calls)

Sent out emails to call my customers regarding a MK giveaway for a 32 inch TV on 1/21/2012.

So excited.... I will then follow up with a phone calls Wednesday and Thursday  to schedule appointments:)

So there is my quick update..... I will give you another one tomorrow.  Have a good night/day I guess it depends on when you are reading this. :)


  1. Keep it going nena! Good luck and lot's of fortune this year. Hope you're enjoying this time off to get focused on MK! I have to say my favorite lipsticks are MK's "Apricot Glaze"... and my brow pencil of course that I cannot live with out and the nail polishes that I love... as for the facial cleansers well not so convinced on yet. But I do use the anti-age defying eye cream at night.

  2. Thanks girlie :) I am enjoying the time and sometimes feel wierd not getting up @6am to go to work LOL.

    I'm glad you like those...have you tried the new products? We have all new Nourishine lip gloss that moisturizes your lips while they shine :)

    I will testify that the facial cleanser has helped me with my acne...you already know how I always had acne breakouts...the 3 in 1 cleanser has controlled it a lot.

    Bueno thanks again and I wish you the best this yr as well :)