Monday, December 12, 2011

Organize, organize and organize

Hope you all had a great weekend....I sure did :)  Had a family girl's nite on Saturday and then a friends brunch on Sunday.... It was definitely exciting and did I mention fun? We even rec'd souviners, blankets with our names on it :)  how cute is that :)

Okay so this weekend I did nothing with my business....I figured I'd take a break from it to have a little fun :)  Now back on my grind..... Today I organized my inventory and double checked all the baskets for this weeks event.  I then worked on cleaning my closet of clothes I don't use, need or were just catching dust.  All of those items were put in a bag for the donation.

So for tomorrow my agenda includes taking those items to the donation box.  Then hitting up the stores, offices and schools to see if I can get the baskets sold :) 

I will also tell my customers about my pre-sale for the new line....I'm so excited....I should definitely have a pre-sale party and maybe I should call it a coffee break?!?!? hmmm  have a few people over and they can view the new line and have some coffee and cookies. Can you see me scratching my head LOL

Well I'm going to keep it short and sweet today....lately I've been writing a storybook or movie film LOL

Well I'm going to leave you with this.....Keeping yourself organized daily will prevent you from having a cluttered house.  I make an effort to do this as often as I can.....

I'd also like to leave you with this song..... I love the chorus....

"I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive, I came to win,
       to survive, to prosper, to rise, to fly, to fly"

Life is about living it to the're as alive as you want to be.....make the best of "ME" and see yourself soar and fly!


  1. I miss you girl... I love reading your blogs. They have meaning of kindness in them always and truly express who you are. Keep the love alive and continue to post. You make me want to read your post more and more each day. Wish you were on the west coast so we could do lunch or brunch... I don't know what that stuff is like anymore..

  2. Awww girlie thanks so much I miss you too...I wish I lived near you too so we can have lunch/brunch. I have to say that until recently I was to myself and wouldn't do much because I couldn't get over my NY friends but these girls have really help me feel comfortable here. Mija I was about to pack my stuff like a wild woman and move back up north. 7 yrs and I'm just starting to get comfortable here. I still get home sick :(

    We definitely have to go up north around the same time so we can spend some time together :) Or maybe I can go to the WEST SIDEEEEE LOL

    Love ya girlie and I get inspiration from you as I read your blog :)