Wednesday, February 8, 2012


And M.I.A. doesn't stand for Miami International Airport in this title.  It stands for Missing In Action....that's exactly how I have been.  I was in the gloom for a little while.  Not feeling up to doing anything, booking, calling, speaking or even attempting to do anything with my business.

Just to give you a little jist of things I was laid off from my full time job 2 months ago and so I thought to myself well this will give me time to run my business.  Well after realizing that the steady income was not coming in I started to get a little worried, then went from worried to scared.  Then from scared to anxious to then depression.  While going through those little stages I kept getting deeper and deeper into a depression and not doing anything to run my business.  I didn't attend any MK unit meetings or even go out unless I really had to.  I would stick to just playing games on FB not to think about the outside world.

So After a long talk with God yesterday I am feeling much better today.  With that being said I know everything comes in baby steps and Rome wasn't built in a day.

So to start the day off I am going to get myself ready to go for a power walk.  Then I will be writing down what my goals will be from today thru Sunday for MK.  Once I have those done then it will be time to put them into action.

Baby step goals
  1. I will make at least one facial appointment today
  2. I will write my 6 important things to do for tomorrow (for my business)
  3. I will attend my Unit meeting today even if I don't want to
  4. I will file my order forms in their respective place
  5. I will place and collect money for last weeks orders
These are my goals for today.