Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 4 - Consistency

Obviously I'm working behind schedule :(  have not posted since the 5th

Here was my "6 things to do" list for Thursday 1/5

1) Deliver products to a customer (new) Completed
2) Review my December orders (new)  Completed
3) Make customer service calls (1/4 to do item) 1/2 hr only  :(
4)Update inventory (1/4 to do item) Completed
5) Booking calls (1/4 to do item) not done
6) Schedule "Open house event" and send out invites (1/4 to do item) Completed

Okay so I completed 5 of the 6 task....not to bad. 

I have also created a schedule of work hours that I need to keep in order for me to be consistent.....

Sunday - Booking/Customer service calls and prepare bag for facial appointments (4 hrs)
Monday - Booking, Customer service calls and Inventory updates as necessary (3 to 4 hrs)
Tuesday - Facial Classes either in the day/evening or both (4 hrs)
Wednesday - Organize paperwork, reconcile and place orders (3 hrs)
Thursday - Opportunity appointments (to grow my business) (3 hrs)
Friday and Saturday - Family Time

Now you must be asking what if someone wants to host a party on the weekend?  Then I will rearrange my schedule during the week to fit one or two Saturday classes. I can also which out Sunday and complete those task for Monday and make it a 7 to 8 hr day.

I now have to print out this schedule so that I can have it readily available to see....keep me from being distracted with other things.  I have to be consistent in order for this business to work :)

Well I'll post again tomorrow Sunday 1/8......8 days into the year already...geez how time flies by.

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