Thursday, December 29, 2011


Okay so last night was our unit meeting...(Wed. night) and with closing in the year directors were talking about the benefit of being a director in MK (Mary Kay).

So as an example they asked that we create two columns.... Column 1 Consultants Column 2 Directors

As they started the example it went as follows....

Consultant                                                      Director
5 consultant in your unit                               5 consultants in your unit
Sales @ 5k in a month                               Sales @ 5k in a month

Earnings as a Cconsultant                              Eearnings as a Director
13% of Sales per unit $650.00                   13% of Sales per unit $650.00 

At this point I'm thinking to myself okay no difference right? This is just the beginning.

13% of Sales per unit $650.00                     13% of Sales per unit  $650.00  (for 1unit)
$50 per Consultant    $250.00                     13% per pers. growth $650.00
earnings per mo.        $900.00                     $100 x 5 per cons.      $500.00
                                                                   5 per. active cons.$500.00                                
                                                                  10% of 5k production $500.00
                                                                    earnings per month    $2,800

Okay with those numbers which one would you chose?  Would you chose to make $900. per month or $2,800 per month in addition to your personal sales?

I think for me I chose Director status!!!  Now now....I know it's not going to be easy but I can definitely use that extra $2,800 or more per unit!  What do I have to lose? Nothing...... I'm going to be like that little train...I think I can, I think I can.....LOL

As I sit here writing my mind is going at 500 MPH and thinking of the full circle things I need to do to accomplish this goal. In last nights meeting our questions were:

Question 1- Si tu tuviera el dinero que tu arrias? (not sure if that's spelled right)
                   If you had the money what would you do with it?

Answer 1 - Pagar mi casa, comprara ropa, y salgo de toda mis duedas
                  I would pay off my house, buy clothes and get out of debt

Question 2. ¿Cómo permanezco yo enfocado?
                    How do I stay focused?

Answer 2. Escribir todo lo que hago para montener un registro. primir el registro de actividad para que me ayude montener enfocada.
I will write my activities down and print the Activity Chart to make sure I write everything down so I know what I have done.

Question 3. Que vas hacer para complir esta meta?
                  What will you do to achieve this goal?

Answer 3.  Me tendré responsable de las cosas que hago y me recompenso cuando complete?
                 I am going to hold myself accountable of the things I do and reward myself when it has been completed.

Okay I'm going to leave you with this.... last words of the meeting

Si no tienes meta ni te meta!
If you don't have goals then don't even bother!

Write down your goals....short term, medium term and long term....then get a poster board with your personal, family and career goals for the yr.  Then post it up on the wall in your room or kitchen so that you can keep yourself accountable :)

I have my career goals written for 2012 now family goals and personal I go to get started.

Have a great day :)

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