Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Can I say GEEZZZZZZ...... I've been slacking off like crazy.  I have had guest at my place for the past week and with that being said I have neglected my business and everything that has to do with it. :(

Not a good thing because I am trying to stay consistent with everything that I do.  So to get back into the groove I am going to start my day with reviewing all of my sales receipts and review every one's order.  I will then go onto my personal website and print out my monthly report. 

I need to start making phone calls starting Jan 2nd for re-orders and courtesy calls.  In this business customer service is a must and I definitely need to be consistent with it.  I also need to start scheduling new appointments.  January is going to be an explosive one....we are giving away a 32 inch flat screen TV and in order to entry into the drawing you must host a show..... too bad I'm a consultant or I would host a show too LOL

With all that being said I need to create my 6 things to do list for the next week.

Today's 6 things to do are:

1) Review all my orders from last month
2)Enter all the information from potential clients from the business events
3) Take an hour to make customer service calls
4) Update my inventory list
5)Check on shipping status from last weeks order
6) Prepare for tomorrows MK meeting

Hope you all have a wonderful day.... until tomorrow

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