Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hustla -urban slang -  A hustla is someone skilled at turning a profit no matter what the enterprise.

That's exactly what I was yesterday...a Mary Kay hustla...LOL

If I want this business to grow I must work at it right?  Well yesterday I had to deliver a few products to some why not show them my gift sets right?  Well I decided to stuff my trunk with a few of my gift sets/baskets for the holidays and went on my delivery way...LOL  I became Elbs-UPEX (UPS & FEDEX combined)

After talking with my clients and delivering their merchandise I also let them know I have a few gift baskets that would be great for their shopping list.  I was able to sell 6 gift baskets. While I was grateful for them purchasing I think I also save them some time from their busy holiday schedule :)

That was a plus for me and for about them apples (LOL got that from my are hilarious)

Yesterday was also our unit meeting day.....Special information and training for Mary Kay....I just love going to those meetings they really get you excited....LOL

Well until I had to speak in spanish (since our meetings are in spanish)  I seriously need to get some spanish lessons like ASAP.  I had to explain to the girls how to create a eye shadow lollipop and create the labels I made online.  It was a difficult task but I got most of it accomplished with the help of my adopted director...thank God....

Things to accomplish:

  • Practice perfecting my spanish
  • Practice talking about the products in spanish (note to self-you need a spanish catalog)
  • Start recruiting to grow your team (benefits- helping others)
  • Contact the women's battered shelter to set up an appt for complimentary facials
  • Create a raffle to sell @ Wednesday's event ($2 tickets) proceeds to benefit Children's home.
Okay goals are to put them into action.

Que tenga un buen dia....Tengo una reta para lograr y es tener una chica en me equipo de Mary Kay antes de el fin de December.  Y vender $600 en productos para recibir un anillo....hmmmm veremos a ver si lo puedo lograr.

Translation: Hope you have a good day.   I have to complete a challenge and that is to have one girl join my Mary Kay team by the end of December. And sell $600 in products to win a MK ring.....hmmm let's see if I can achieve that goal.

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