Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting ready

Okay so I've been gone for a few days..... It was a nice long 4 day weekend (Thanksgiving wknd @that).  We had so much food it was crazy but nonetheless I thank God for the blessing.  I think the next day I was so stuffed I didn't eat until 3pm and not to mention I was a lazy bone most of the day.....

Saturday on the other hand was a little more productive :)  I cleaned up and got started on my Holiday gift baskets.  I have two shopping events coming up in December and have started to prepare for the event.  Lots of products and gift baskets had to be made.  Thank goodness for family members who helped me out because if not I would probably be up all night working on them LOL.

Now I'm waiting on the second shipment of products to make some more gift sets, they are probably going to kill me after that.  I think some free stuff is in order for my hard working elves LOL

Love them women in my family :)

Well here are some photos of some of the gift baskets...

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