Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Preparation- ready, set and GO!!!

Morning out there :)

Today is another one of my events so I took some times yesterday to do some last minute preparations.  Verified all the baskets and made sure it was correct on my Price List for today.

All is set and ready to go.  While I am waiting for my time to leave I thought I'd put the ribs in the oven to cook and pick up the kitchen a bit from the mess of the morning rush......

I also set all my cooking ingredients to the side so that when I return it is readily available for me to start dinner when I get home.  Tonight is also our Mary Kay unit meetings so I need to be out the door by 6:15pm to get there by 6:30 :) 

Love those meetings and the motivation it brings..... okay it's time to go...I will give you an update tonight.


Okay so the event was an Epic fail (Katie Perry words....LOL love her)  had no sales but was able to get leads from my raffle.

Our meeting on the other hand was fantastic.... definitely gave us some tips to use to generate more sales.... Well I already got started with that..... Pillow gift w/a Pillow it.

Let's see how the sales goes.

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