Friday, December 9, 2011

Time wasted....

Okay so today my productivity level for my business was shut down to zero...... I was on the hunt for new picture frames to use for my guest bathroom.  Note to self....why didn't you offer complimentary facials?!?!?!

Well I went from Goodwill to K-Mart to Walmart and nothing :(  sooooo my next idea was to print some scenic pictures that I can put in some picture frames I got on clearance from K-Mart.  In the meantime I was running around and it took longer for me to get my other things accomplished.

I got home and prepared the meat for dinner.  After dinner I decided to just baskets, no washing clothes or anything else for that matter....LOL  So here I am writing on the blog before I call it a night.  I think after all this week's activity I deserve to have a relaxing Friday because my weekend is fulled with activities.  Tomorrow is family girls night.... we started this tradition 3 yrs ago where all the girls in the family have "me" time. We send the hubbies and kids away. 

Then there is Sunday..... Girls brunch with my ex-coworkers who have turned into very dear friends.... Gotta love them girls.....there is 4 Puerto Ricans, 1 Ecuadorian, 1 Italian and our dear Ms. Susanita who was transformed into a Crackerican....LOL 

She says "I'm a Galleta" LOL  That all started one night when some of the girls went to this Latin restaurant and all the Latin women were served coffee in a ceramic mug and she was served in a Styrofoam cup....she asked the waiter "Why did you give me this cup?  Is it because I'm a Galleta?"  LMFAO I could not stop laughing just to think at the waiter's face.... nonetheless the waiter apologized for the mistake (hmmmm was it really a mistake?) and offered to give her a ceramic mug.  She declined and they continued on with their conversation.

I still have a few baskets/gift sets I need to get together and only have 4 days to do it..... So I better get on my job.  I can probably do a few tomorrow during the day since our girls night is at 6pm. Then a few more on Sunday after our girls brunch.  This will give me time on Monday to start going out again to get these baskets sold for the holidays.

Wish me luck.... Oh by the way one of my goals was sent.  I sent an email to the women's shelter asking for someone to contact me regarding me volunteering once a month at the shelter.  I will follow up with a call on Monday.  I told them I would like to volunteer my time at the shelter to give 6-10 girls a complimentary pampering with Mary Kay strings attached nothing in return and no I wasn't looking to sell to anyone!  I just want to give back to my community and helping rebuild women's confidence. 

I hope I get a call back soon..... if not I will call them on Monday for a follow up.

You know sometimes we create a "things to do" list and the list is more than what we can handle.... Mary Kay Ash said during her "35,000 List" to keep the list short and sweet.  Create a list of 6 most important items to do the day before and that way it can be easily manageable. 

Well I have to tell you that I have found this very very helpful.  I have been writing my list of the most important things to get done for the next day.  Every time I have one done I will cross it out.  Sometimes I actually have time to complete one or two more.

So even though I wasted some time looking for picture frames for the bathroom....I still was able to accomplish the other 5 things to do.... It just took longer than I expected.....But I must say I had a great time with my titi and we had some really heart to heart talks.  Love that women even through all that suffering she still manages to keep a smile on her face.... I will end with this....

  • Manage your time wisely
  • Create your "$35,000 List"
  • Create memories that will last forever
  • Never take life for granted you never know when it will end
  • Note to self -Shorten my blog.....geez I should have been a author
Good Night everyone hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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