Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 5 - Sticking to it

Happy Monday.....

So as part of "Holding myself accountable" I worked yesterday for about 3 hrs on my business.

Purchased a shelf on Saturday so that I can organize my products, which will also allow me to update my inventory faster.  Previously I had my inventory in boxes which made it difficult to manage.

I removed all my holiday gift baskets and placed all the products remaining on the shelves.  The baskets were neatly unwrapped and put in boxes for 2012 holiday events.

Here is a preview of my shelf

I still have a few other things I need to add like my file folder with order forms and things from facial classes.  Also to help me with my customer service calls.

I have to print out some activity sheets and purchase I binder so I have it in one place.

Well off to work I go....

Have to get some bookings :)

Have a great day/evening (I guess it depends on when you are reading this right )

PS. This weekend was leadership Conference in Atlanta and I didn't get to go :'(  Why you may be asking because I wasn't focused and didn't grow my business. This year we had 5 National Sales Directors all Latinas....Isn't that amazing!    It is said that 20% of Mary Kay Sales Force is now occupied by Latin Women.... Isn't that great :)

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