Monday, April 2, 2012

Locked out!!!

GEEEEZZZZ.....I've been trying to get into my blog for over a week and was unable to on my PC.  Finally I'm in!!!... Have so much to catch up on!!!

Okay so last time I was on here I was getting ready for Career Conference. Before the conference I was able to confirm a fundraiser for a local HS football team.  This will not only help me get leads it will also help the HS football team with their goal to raise funds for an away uniform.

Then came the big weekend of Career was that an eye opener or what!  There was so much to learn in those 24 hrs that it gave me the motivation to work hard to reach my goals.

I came home and started focusing on getting my visionary board, goals and booking on my calendar.
That week I was out in the malls getting leads....(talk about motivation)

Here are a few notes/quotes from the 24 pages:

Do not limit yourself to the opportunities you have in life.

Are you willing to be inconvenienced in your career? (meaning getting out of your comfort zone)

Get the clutter out of your head and out of you life!

Make a drop dead goal and have a crystal clear vision of what you going to do.

Don't let people's rescheduling change your mind. (This really hit me because the week before conference 3 of my shows cancelled)  Remember that life happens and it has nothing to do with you.

Your attitude is so important, so be real and be who you are..... remember to smile and get excited!

Bring out a weekly plan sheet and every Sunday plan your week. (Business, family and personal)
When you fill your plan sheet you can see what your plans are. 

You are in control of your own feelings so you can change that sad mood to a good mood.


One thing I love about MK is their dedication to foundations (Research for breast cancer, end domestic violence and helping the shelters.

We are now raising funds for "Team up for Women" Challenge. Text "teamup7645rt" (all together) to 80888 ** Note there will be a $5.00 charge to your cell phone bill. (Thank you in advance if you decide to )

One last thing.... remember to always pray and thank the man up above for all your blessings. Today was another amazing day.  I was able to help another school with their band class fundraiser.  What a blessing! God is good all the time....just remember to thank him.

Have a great evening!!!

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