Friday, April 6, 2012

Through the storm

Its been an amazing week. I was able to book a vendor event for an elementary school fair. Yesterday I had a power hour and was able to book 3 facial classes. I had several no's but kept calling.
In the back of my head I would keep hearing my director say "if you get a no keep going eventually you will get a yes" she is so right. The first 4 calls said no, got 1 yes then 2 calls didn't even answer and then 2 more yes!
Today I was able to have a friend spread the word about our new catalog. I gave her an offer she couldn't refuse! :)
As my abundance is pouring in the enemy strikes again. My daughter's car that I have been using is over heating and I had to park it. Now I am waiting for my couson to come pick me up :/
So as I'm sitting down with my son at Panera waiting for my ride I'm thinking it's time to earn the free use of the MK car like ASAP!
I might embarrass my son but I'm getting ready to ask a few ladies here to book a complementary facial. Too bad I don't have my products with me now or I'd be the Panera facial queen lol.
Well hope you all have a good friday
And Happy Easter :)

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