Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello There

Wow it has been over a month since I've written anything.  Since I only have a laptop it's harder for me to type on it.  I guess I'm just so use to the number key pad..... Whatever the case is I've been slackin' off as they say.

Well a lot has been going on..... I have been looking for ways to fight my fear of talking to strangers and getting phone numbers.  No much success....I guess coming from NY where we are know to be unfriendly falls a little true here.  Not that I am not friendly anyone who knows me knows I'm friendly, but bringing up a conversation just cause...well I'm not to good at that.

So I am trying to look for other avenues to get this goal going!!! I set a goal to do 30 facials in 30 days.... and tried it last month and wasn't too successful.  We are in the second week of this month and  I only have had 4 :/  and it wasn't facials it was feet LOL.  We have our new pedicure sets out for the three months and so I have been booking pedi-spa sessions.

Now that Summer is in full swing....well at least here in Florida....Jeezzzz it's already in the 90's  we have our at home feet pampering set!  The great thing is that it is only $24 US dollars.  On average a women will spend $20-$25 a week on pedicure's at their favorite nail salon.  Many are not realizing that if done weekly those $20-$25 turns into $1040/$1300 a year  o_O (shocking huh?).  If you could curb some of that expense would you?  How about a DIY pedicure at home?  Or maybe a girl's pedi night?  Wouldn't that be fun? A little music, some wine and the Mary Kay Pedicure set....make sure everyone brings their own nail clipper, nail file and their favorite polish or you can provide it for them (your choice). Oh and you might want to be easy on the wine until after the polish is done LOL you might have a nail/toe disaster LOL.

You can get some basin's at the $1.00 store and have a great girls night out!!!

Mary Kay Mint Blossom Pedicure set - Limited addition (has 10-15 uses before it runs out)

Well ladies that's just a little tidbit for your pocket.

Now back to accomplishing my goals.  I definitely need to find a way to get over my fear of approaching people......I mean seriously if I can jump over that hurdle then maybe I can get some more of these prizes...... (BTW this was one of my prizes for reaching a smaller goal)

I pray about it every night but seem to let the fear get the best of me....... HELP!!!! If anyone of you who read my blog has any suggestions just post them on here....I'd love your opinion.

Thanks and hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!  I promise to try and post a little more to keep you entertained with my craziness.

Hopefully he is listening....

We all have something to overcome; don't think that you're the only one. God will be you strength if you let Him. ~ Joyce Meyer~

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