Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 6 - Fear of REJECTION!?!?!

Yesterday (Monday) was my day to make customer service/booking calls.  Well since I re-started my business in November it wasn't easy for me to call people from July on customer service.  (That was inconsistent of me I know) 

So as I stated I have to re-start all over again.....Well I was able to get a few leads from my events in December.  I separated the information cards and placed them in two piles....Day and Evening.

I started my phone calls.

First person..... no longer working at that establishment :(
Second person ..... "I'm really not interested I was just looking for one thing but thanks"........beeeeeeeeeppppp  The lady truly hung up on me...didn't even give me the opportunity to say "okay thank you have a great day".

Third Person...... " Hi sorry I can't hear you...Hello, Hello, Hello...."  I felt like I was in a Verizon commercial LOL  Then we were able to speak and she says "I'm at work please call me in the evening since I do not have good phone reception at work"

At this point I'm trying to stay positive and think okay...nothing personal right?!?!?!

I make two more calls and no answer.... I start to feel a little down and totally give up :(

I only had one more day call and the rest were evening calls.  I started to get the feeling of rejection.... then I think to myself.... Elba do not take it personal.....it's nothing against you just bad timing.

But my own talking did not help....I gave up the calls for the day & evening.....now onto figuring out how am I going to get new customers.  I was told at my meetings to talk to everyone and anyone who will listen....

I'm just having a real issue with that lately.... Now you might be thinking "maybe she's not a people person"....that is definitely not the case.  I believe I just need to overcome my fear of rejection.  Face my fears and be confident when talking to people about MK.

I'm going to work in full circle and REJECT that fear and conquer it so that I can keep going..... to the pursuit of leadership..... my 2012 long term goal is to be a Director of Mary Kay....

While I'm writing goals....let me make note of the other ones too....so I can see it.

Short term goal - Star Consultant with $1800 in sales by 1 Qtr ( Feb 15th) and at least 1 consultant n my team

Medium term goal - Team Leader.... 5 to 7 consultants on my team June 2012

Long term goal - DIQ = Director in Qualification by December  2012

Goals set now time to put them into action.....

First things first....eliminate "fear of rejections"

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