Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 10 -preparation

On Friday I will have a MK open house to start generating sales from different customers.  I think it is time I expand in customers..... It's been hard to get references so I have gone around to different people and hope to have at least 8 - 10 ppl for this open house.

Preparation- Since I am having the event at my place I will need to also be a hostess.  With that being said I have prepared something simple.  Cafe con Leche :)  I've purchased different flavored coffee and will have a few little snacks like cookies, guayaba (Guava) and Queso (cheese) puffs, strawberry and cheese puffs.  I will also have 3 flavored teas for those who are no-coffee drinkers (Green Tea, Apple Cider and Passion tea)

Now that my menu is set I now have to get my products organized for Friday.  Instead of having a cleansing facial party, we will only be testing the new make up line.  If there are guest who would like cleansing facials I will set up a party with them.

So MK preparation is needed:

1) Order forms and catalogs
2) Camera for before and after
3) Profile cards for the new customers
4) facial clothes and Make up remover
5) The new product line
5) samples for clients to use
7) Mirrors

I think we are set....

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